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Plastic and aluminum recycling machine

Plastic and aluminum recycling machine designed by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is specially for separating plastic and aluminum of aluminum plastic composite materials through new type and green technology. The process include crushing, grinding, water cooling, rotarty vibrating screen and electrostatic separation, a dry type physical separation way, no water, no chemical, no fire, totally pollution-free. The separation rate of our plastic and aluminum recycling machine could reach to 99%, and the separated plastic and aluminum could be directly recycled to be sold in the market or made into new products. Compared to low value scrap and waste aluminum plastic composite materials, the recycled pure plastic and aluminum would bring high benefit. It makes the plastic and aluminum recycling machine a good business to start with.

Input Material - Plastic and Aluminum Recycling Machine

What's the aluminum content in different materials?

The plastic and aluminum recycling machine applys to process many kinds of aluminum plastic composite materials, such as aluminum-plastic medical blister packs, aluminum plastic composite panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, pipelines, and aluminum-plastic packages, films, etc. Below are 4 types typical aluminum-plastic composite mateials, in which shows the aluminum content separately.

  • Medical blister packs


    Medical blister packs

  • Aluminum composite panel


    Aluminum-plastic panel

  • Plastic aluminum pipe


    Aluminum-plastic pipe

  • Plastic aluminum foil


    Aluminum-plastic flim

Running Video - Plastic and Aluminum Recycling Machine

Working process of plastic and aluminum recycling machine

From this video, you could check how plastic and aluminum are separated from scrap aluminum plastic composite medical bliter packs through a crushing, grinding and separation process. This machine in the video is also called as medical blister pack recycling machine, but also used for the other aluminum plastic composite materials.

Specification - Copper Wire Recycling Machine

General Model Capacity (kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Separation Rate
DY-300 200-300 70 7500*6000*4200 6500 ≥99%
DY-600 500-600 115 9500*7500*4200 7800
DY-800 700-800 215 11500*8000*4200 12800

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